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What to Look for in MRO Companies

Michael Wilson | Sep 25, 2019

Whether you're looking for a new MRO company or are interested in developing an internal MRO department, it's important to be knowledgeable about the supplies being used. MRO ...

Whether you're looking for a new MRO company or are interested in developing an internal MRO department, it's important to be knowledgeable about the supplies being used. MRO supplies span the gamut between highly specialized equipment and tools to consumable, daily use products. Saving money on MRO supplies and using environmentally-friendly MRO supplies can help.

Here are some of the supplies that MRO companies frequently use:

MRO Supplies and MRO Companies

Maintenance, repair, and operations is a large field with an even larger variety of supplies. Even when engaging with MRO companies, a business may need to invest in some of their own MRO supplies, such as equipment related to the maintenance of their business.

Common, consumable items include things like screws, caulk, bolts, glue, oil, and cleaning products. Common equipment includes impact wrenches, caulking guns, drills, and more.

A company can outsource their MRO work to an MRO company if they don't want to have to micromanage these MRO supplies. On the other hand, companies can also save money by purchasing MRO supplies on their own and handling their MRO in-house. It depends on the company's size and infrastructure.

When looking for an MRO company, look for a company that has the supplies needed for your industry and experience within your industry.

Common and Industry-Specific Janitorial Supplies

MRO includes janitorial work, as this is essential for maintenance. Industry-specific janitorial supplies need to be purchased for the maintenance of a business; a retail store will have different needs from a restaurant, and a restaurant will have different needs from a production facility.

Janitorial supplies are generally segregated by the location that they're used in. Common janitorial supplies include:

  • Bathroom. Hand soaps, sanitizers, and moisturizers often need to be refilled, paper towels have to be replaced, and the entire bathroom will need mopping and sweeping equipment, in addition to toilet brushes and sponges.
  • Kitchen. Kitchens need to be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant cleaning solutions, on both countertops and floors. Mopping materials and sponges will need to be used. 
  • General office spaces. Floor machines and sweepers can be used to cover larger areas, such as large open office plans, or warehouses. Dusting and other general cleaning supplies will be used.
  • Living spaces. Hotels will need laundry services, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping, to keep living spaces clean. Disinfectants and other cleaning supplies will need to be used to keep hotel rooms fresh between guests.
  • Warehouses and factories. When it comes to warehouses and factories, dust management is usually the key. Dusting products will improve air quality while absorbent products can be used to clean up potentially dangerous spills and liquid hazards.

Today, many MRO companies are moving towards environmentally friendly cleaning supplies. Environmentally-friendly supplies aren't just better for the environment, but they're also better for individuals. As they don't use harsh chemicals, they're less likely to contribute to poor air quality or lead to air quality-related health issues.

Sourcing Products Through AFFLINK

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