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Industries We Serve

Rolling Up Our Sleeves to Deliver Next Level Procurement Strategy

Procurement optimization can be difficult, but we’ve never shied away from hard work. No matter your region, company size, or goals AFFLINK has the tools and expertise to get you where you need to go. From reducing operational costs and increasing efficiency, to meeting sustainable objectives, AFFLINK has the supply chain management solutions you can count on.

healthcare supply chain

Healthcare Industry

AFFLINK delivers supply chain management solutions to almost every type of healthcare facility, big or small, including multi-location hospitals and neighborhood urgent cares. Partner with a supply chain expert that understands your business.

hospitality supply chain and procurement

Hospitality Industry

From the front of the house to the storage room, quality and consistency determine the success of your business. And that’s exactly what AFFLINK delivers. With an expert procurement strategy and top of the line hospitality products, your guests are sure to leave a 5-star rating.

industrial supply chain optimization & procurment

Industrial Industry

No one understands your industrial supply chain quite like AFFLINK's industrial segment. Through our comprehensive procurement approach we help your organization meet sustainability standards and secure savings in procurement, and most importantly serve.

commercial supply chain and procurement

Commercial Industry

Looking for an easy button? Consider the AFFLINK team your go-to for painless commercial supply chain management solutions. Optimize your procurement processes, reduce total costs, and get the right products for a more productive office all in one place.



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