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Supply Chain Management

Today's business landscape presents unique challenges. With supply chain variability, skyrocketing costs, and the growing necessity to embrace sustainability, the need for better business packaging solutions has never been greater. AFFLINK is here to deliver. We serve as strategic partners — a distinction that makes us the go-to source for packaging supply chain solutions that enhance efficiency, sustainability, and business success.

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How We Help

AFFLINK is the largest network of independent packaging suppliers in North America. Backed by over 40 years of leadership in supply chain management, we lead the charge for innovative packaging process and procurement solutions that drive efficiencies for today’s premier businesses.

Increase Visibility & Brand Exposure

With ShopFront™, our user-friendly e-commerce platform, you can effortlessly meet your packaging procurement needs. Enjoy centralized billing, consistent pricing, streamlined reporting, and dedicated specialists for each account to maintain the highest level of accuracy for a seamless member experience.


Streamline With Automation

Our proprietary technology provides automation solutions that streamline your sales and distribution processes. From customized weekly vendor-managed inventory programs to procurement lead time management, our products deliver a competitive edge through significant cost savings, increased efficiency, enhanced flexibility and accuracy, and more.


National Reach With Local Expertise

Experience the flexibility of local distribution with the speed and efficiency of a national scale. Our Strategic Accounts program combines field managers with marketing, customer service, and supplier teams, offering national customers savings through vendor reductions, product standardizations, and simplified ordering processes, as well as helping you expand your reach and break into new markets.


Join the Largest Network of Top Suppliers

By joining AFFLINK, you become part of a network of innovators driving the future of packaging. Network with like-minded packaging suppliers and share tips, resources, and best practices to keep up-to-date on the latest innovations and trends in the packaging industry.


Gain Access to Exclusive Market Data

Fueled by our data-powered ELEVATE procurement software and eMarketplace, AFFLINK aggregates, analyzes, and reports on vast amounts of data to keep a pulse on supply and demand, identify emerging trends, and help strategic partners make meaningful, educated business decisions.

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Migrate Supply Chain Disruption

As the largest network of distributors in North America, AFFLINK helps companies like yours mitigate the impact of supply chain disruption. Our comprehensive COOP strategies include risk assessments, contingency plans, and recovery procedures to ensure continuity, minimize downtime, and safeguard against potential disruptions.


Expand Market Offerings

Through AFFLINK, you gain access to our additional product categories with well-established programs and suppliers, including janitorial and sanitation, food service, and healthcare — resulting in immediate opportunities to expand your market offerings.

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"AFFLINK helped us identify cost-savings opportunities and implement new industrial supply solutions, processes, and programs, saving us $634,900 across 14 locations."

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