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janitorial supplies

Janitorial Supplies

Get the quality commercial janitorial supplies you need, at a price you want, and so much more by partnering with AFFLINK. Our experts will work with you to create a customized plan that streamlines procurement, guarantees supply chain optimization, and ensures overall operational efficiency.
Our Trusted Brands


What do you get when you combine the wide product range of our trusted national brands with the skillset of hands-on local distributors? Endless supply chain savings. And that's exactly what we provide when you purchase commercial janitorial supplies from AFFLINK. Get in on the action and see what we have to offer:
Absorbent Commercial Janitorial Supplies
Brooms and brushes and other commercial janitorial supplies
Brooms and brushes
Commercial Cleaning chemicals and Janitorial supplies
Cleaning chemicals and supplies
Commercial Disinfectants for your janitorial closet
Commercial Dust mops, frames, and handles
Dust mops, frames, and handles
Commercial Janitorial floor machines and sweepers
Floor machines and sweepers
Commercial Hand soap, sanitizer, and moisturizer
Hand soaps, sanitizers, and moisturizers
Commercial Laundry Janitorial Supplies
Commercial Metered aerosols supplies
Metered aerosols
Commercial Janitorial Mop buckets
Mop buckets
Towels, tissue, and wipers
Towels, tissue, and wipers
Commercial Washware Supplies
Commercial Janitorial Can liners
Can liners
 Commercial Deodorant blocks, urinal screens and other Janitorial Supplies
Deodorant blocks and urinal screens
Commercial Air fresheners and deodorizers
Air fresheners and deodorizers
Commercial Bathroom Dispensing systems
Dispensing systems
Janitorial Gloves
Commercial Janitorial Hard floor and carpet care chemicals
Hard floor and carpet care chemicals
Floor and hand pads
Floor and hand pads
commercial Microfiber mops, pads, and rags
Microfiber mops, pads, and rags
Commercial Toilet Seat Covers and other Janitorial Supplier
Seat covers
Commercial Janitorial Vacuums
Wet mop heads
Wet mop heads

What our customers are saying

Through ELEVATE, we were able to consolidate from 113 can liner sizes being used to just 54—bringing us a documented 20% in savings.

Adventist Health System

By using the supply chain analysis tool, ELEVATE, we were able to realize our company goals, consolidate orders, and reduce spending by 6%.

Peterson Spring Corporation

AFFLINK helped us save a total of $634,900 in supply chain savings. What is even more amazing about this is they were able to accomplish this in just seven months

Zodiac Aerospace

With over 8,500 employees, it's difficult to get everyone on the same page when rolling out new processes. AFFLINK helped us train our U.S. staff on the effective use of new products and the Shopfront ordering system.


Next Level Procurement: Shopfront


With a customized procurement strategy in place and a knowledgeable local commercial janitorial supplies distributor on your team, it's time to get started. Put your plan into action with AFFLINK's one of a kind e-commerce platform Shopfront. More than just an online ordering system, Shopfront will help you:

  • Get access to over 250,000 products across 100+ brands
  • Align purchases with sustainability initiatives
  • Receive real time analytics on purchasing behaviors
  • Track orders and manage invoices in one place