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Hotels use a large number of supplies on a daily basis. From restroom supplies to towels and hygienic products, hotels need to have a smart system in place if they want to succeed in this very important area of the hospitality business. There are three main areas where the right hotel supplies can either hurt or help your brand.


The quality of your hotel supplies will have a huge impact on your brand, simply because it is probably one of these three areas that guests are most concerned with. In today’s tight economy, hotel guests are demanding better quality supplies at value-driven prices. For example, when you are choosing your hotel furniture, think about how closely you will examine the construction and durability of these pieces. Instead of basing your purchase on price alone, think about craftsmanship and warranty as well. When it comes to supplies that guests will use for intimate purposes, like towels and bedding, comfort is critical; these elements can make the difference between an enjoyable stay and a nightmare of a time at a resort or hotel.

Hotel Supplies and Guest Reviews: Things to Consider


Sustainability is a critical concern for hotels and resorts, especially large brands that operate many different facilities in different parts of the world. Hotels must make sure that their operational policies match their claims. In a survey of over 3,500 hotels conducted by Economically Sound, it was reported that while 3,012 hotels said they participated in a green program, just 2,300 had energy conservation measures in place. Only 655 hotels used recyclable disposable products in guest rooms.

Besides the sustainability of the things inside of hotels and resorts, the construction of the hotel and resort buildings themselves is especially important. One particular major hotel brand that has led the way in this particular regard is Marriott. Marriott has more than 100 LEED-registered hotels and in 2011 developed a cutting edge LEED Volume Program, with the intention of making it easier for the hospitality industry to achieve LEED-certified construction.

Tips For Choosing The Right Hospitality Supplies Agency


Cost is important to hotels and resorts for obvious reasons; if a company does not have a sensible policy in place regarding supply costs, it will be difficult for them to maintain sufficient profit margins. On a broader scale, however, cost is important because hotels will often pass these costs along to consumers. Data published by Hotels.com showed that hotels in Rio de Janeiro charged UK guests 13% more in 2012, due to limited hotel supplies that drove up prices. Low prices make a brand statement that your organization cares about providing value for customers.

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How The Hospitality Industry Should Manage Supplies

The best way for hotels to make sure that their supplies are meeting their goals for costs, sustainability, and quality is to make sure they have assistance from a dependable supplier. Ideal suppliers will have environmentally-friendly policies in place for all kinds of top quality hotel supplies, while still providing competitive prices for their customers. This will allow hotels to offer great rates for comfortable rooms, which in turn will help promote the success of the industry as a whole.

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