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Healthcare Supply Chain CertificatesWhen it comes to the healthcare supply chain, you have numerous options for certifications that can improve the knowledge base of your business. Certifications are essential to obtaining the key tools that can lead to success in healthcare procurement, whether you’re new to the field, trying to obtain additional credentials, or simply wanting to know more about the supply chain in this unique industry.

However, not all of these accolades are worth your time and money; or focused enough on the specifics of your industry to be very valuable. Worried about picking the right ones? Don’t sweat it. Check out our guide on the best certifications for your healthcare supply chain.

1. The Essentials of Purchasing Certification

This credential deals with all aspects of purchasing, including legal requirements and contracts management. Personnel must understand the basics of purchasing law, as they deal with contracts on a regular basis. Preparation of purchase orders, assisting with leases and reviewing contracts are daily tasks. A Purchasing Certification gives the supply chain the knowledge it needs to appreciate the legal impact of various documents. 

2. Inventory Controls Certificate

A core function of a healthcare supply chain is inventory management, as supplies are a vital necessity to smooth operations at a hospital or medical facility. The Inventory Controls Certificate ensures that the supply chain appreciates this critical role by focusing on basics, such as valuation methods, reordering indications and cost savings opportunities.

Those holding this credential also have extensive knowledge in healthcare supplies turnover rates and proper methods for reducing inventory. Proper management of physical inventories is essential, as is controlling inventory outside the storeroom.

3. Green Seal Cleaning Certification

Green Seal is a not-for-profit enterprise that uses science to create cleaning products that promote sustainability. Standards for Green Seal products and procedures provide guidelines for organizations, including your supply chain, to achieve sustainable goals.

By obtaining the Green Seal Cleaning Certification, your supply chain takes a systematic approach to cleaning, identifying which products are used and training on how to use them. Emphasis is placed on environmental considerations, such as using cleaning products that reduce toxicity and waste. 

4. Logistics Certificate

This credential deals with shipping, receiving, warehousing and distribution within the healthcare supply chain. Warehousing is of special importance, as it helps your supply chain make wise decisions on where to store medical supplies and how to design a facility that enables efficient management when on or off site. Other skills that certificate holders possess are how to implement warehouse enhancements and alternatives to typical storage options.

A Logistics Certificate is also key from a distribution standpoint. There are certain distribution functions that can add value to the supply chain when performed by appropriate components.

Of course, this is a short list of the best certifications for the healthcare supply chain and others may be suitable for your company. The important point is to understand the advantages offered by obtaining proper credentials to handle the unique needs of the healthcare industry. Possessing these certifications and the associated knowledge base can help you meet one of your top business objectives: high-quality customer service.

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