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safety supply chain products

Safety Supplies

At AFFLINK, we don't stop at offering quality safety supplies; we take it a step further and cater to your entire supply chain. From optimizing your procurement strategy to improving operational efficiency, we cover every inch of your facility to deliver bottom line results.
Our Trusted Brands

Safety Products

When quality safety supplies could mean the difference between life and death, it's critical you have the right products on hand. We partner with the national brands you trust and knowledgeable local safety distributors to deliver an unparalleled approach to facility safety. Find the safety supplies, expertise, and peace of mind you've been looking for with AFFLINK:
emergency showers commercial safety supplies
Emergency showers
commercial eye protection safety supplies
Eye protection
fall protection commercial safety supplies
Fall protection
hand protection commercial safety supplies
Hand protection
Face head protection commercial safety supplies
Face and head protection
safety apparel commercial safety supplies
Protective apparel
spill control commercial safety supplies
Spill control
measuring and leveling commercial safety supplies
First aid kits
ergonomic products commercial safety supplies
Ear protection
safety identification and signage commercial safety supplies
Safety identification and signage

What our customers are saying

With over 8,500 employees, it's difficult to get everyone on the same page when rolling out new processes. AFFLINK helped us train our U.S. staff on the effective use of new products and the Shopfront ordering system.


By using the supply chain analysis tool, ELEVATE, we were able to realize our company goals, consolidate orders, and reduce spending by 6%.

Peterson Spring Corporation

AFFLINK helped us save a total of $634,900 in supply chain savings. What is even more amazing about this is they were able to accomplish this in just seven months

Zodiac Aerospace

ELEVATE identified our needs and objectives, helped us make informed decisions, and offered helpful reports which resulted in real world savings for our facility.

Frantz Building Services

Next Level Procurement: Shopfront


With a customized procurement strategy in place and a knowledgeable local distributor on your team, it's time to get started. Put your plan into action with AFFLINK's one of a kind e-commerce platform Shopfront. More than just an online ordering system, Shopfront will help you:

  • Efficiently connect with over 250,000 products
  • Store your facility’s best practice methods
  • Analyze real time analytics on purchasing behaviors
  • Track orders and manage invoices in one place