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packaging supplies

Packaging Supplies

If quality packaging supplies, increased productivity, and cost savings are on your to-do list, mark them off because AFFLINK is your new one stop shop. Our skilled experts work with you to develop a personalized supply chain strategy that meets your facility's unique packaging material needs and achieves all of your procurement goals.
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Unlike anything else, your packaging supplies have to do double duty. They need to withstand a beating at your warehouse but look polished and brand consistent when they arrive at your customer's front door. That's why it's important to stick with quality solutions. Partner with a provider who understands your goals and has the product depth to prove it. Check out what we have to offer:
commericial packaging supplies adhesives
commericial packaging supplies coregated boxes
Corrugated boxes
commericial packaging supplies equipment and labeling dispensers
Equipment, machinery, and dispensers
commericial packaging and handeling supplies
Packaging materials handling
commericial packaging bags and supplies
Packaging supplies
commericial packaging supplies edge protection 2
Edge protection
commericial packaging supplies and labels
commericial protective packaging wrap
Protective packaging- bubble, foam, and loose fill
commericial packaging supplies shrink film
Shrink film
commericial packaging supplies stretch film
Stretch film

What our customers are saying

AFFLINK’s Shopfront tool allows all of our branches to use the same ordering system and process. It has helped us to really streamline our procurement efforts.

Frantz Building Services

With over 8,500 employees, it's difficult to get everyone on the same page when rolling out new processes. AFFLINK helped us train our U.S. staff on the effective use of new products and the Shopfront ordering system.


Through a complete analysis of our headquarters, AFFLINK was able to provide cost-saving product solutions, as well as confirming additional savings through order consolidation.

Peterson Spring Corporation

With the ELEVATE tool, we were able to identify cost-savings opportunities and implement new products, processes, and programs saving us a total of 17% across our 14 locations.

Zodiac Aerospace

Shopfront: Your Procurement Management Hub


Order your packaging materials and all the other products you need to run your facility smoothly using Shopfront. Our e-commerce platform was uniquely designed to make managing your toughest procurement hurdles easy. With Shopfront you can:

  • Purchase over 250,000 products in one place
  • Easily find products that meet your sustainability initiatives
  • Analyze real time analytics and uncover purchasing behaviors
  • Manage invoices and track all orders in one place