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MRO supplies

MRO Supplies

With tens of thousands of parts, pieces, and suppliers, it's no secret that managing your MRO supplies can be difficult. Our experts will remove the complexity out of procurement and work with you to optimize your supply chain, beginning to end.
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MRO Products

As much as 15% of a facility's total budget can be spent on MRO supplies, which is why it's imperative to partner with a supply chain specialist who understands the total cost of ownership including acquisition, application, and possession. Get the solutions you've been searching for and check out our products:
MRO supply chain abrasives
MRO supply chain fastners clamps straps
Fasteners, clamps, and straps
HVAC and electrial supplies
HVAC and electrical
MRO supply chain plumbing equipment and supplies
Plumbing equipment
MRO pumps and supplies
MRO supply chain welding supplies
Welding supplies
MRO supply chain safety supplies
Safety and electric tools
MRO supply chain hand tools
Hand tools
MRO supply chain measuring and leveling supplies
Measuring and leveling tools
MRO supply chain pneumatic and power tools and supplies
Pneumatics and power tools

What our customers are saying

With over 8,500 employees, it's difficult to get everyone on the same page when rolling out new processes. AFFLINK helped us train our U.S. staff on the effective use of new products and the Shopfront ordering system.


ELEVATE identified our needs and objectives, helped us make informed decisions, and offered helpful reports which resulted in real world savings for our facility.

Frantz Building Services

With the ELEVATE tool, we were able to identify cost-savings opportunities and implement new products, processes, and programs saving us a total of 17% across our 14 locations.

Zodiac Aerospace

AFFLINK’s Shopfront tool allows all of our branches to use the same ordering system and process. It has helped us to really streamline our procurement efforts.

Frantz Building Services

Shopfront: Your New Go-To Procurement Tool


Once you've worked with an AFFLINK consultant and developed a plan to streamline your facility's processes, it's time to start purchasing your MRO supplies. Our proprietary e-commerce platform, Shopfront, will be your go-to for:

  • Ordering products for your entire facility
  • Discovering solutions that meet your sustainability initiatives
  • Analyzing real-time procurement data
  • Managing all invoices and shipments in one place