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shopfront e-commerce platform

Shopfront: Your Go To E-Commerce Platform

Shopfront is AFFLINK's proprietary e-commerce tool that allows for the ultimate supply chain shopping experience. Get everything you need for your facility at an unbeatable price all on one invoice.
Shopfront is a wonderful new way for customers to browse AFFLINK's suite of products and place their orders with greater ease online. It's a terrific upgrade!
Beach Chemical & Paper Company

A Personalized Way of Shopping

More than just an e-commerce platform, Shopfront integrates your entire supply chain and procurement together from ordering to shipping to billing, offering a truly omnichannel solution. 
shopfront ecommerce offers a knowledge portal

Knowledge Portal

With advanced real-time inventory and product features, Shopfront allows you to search 1,000's of products quickly and get the in-depth information you're looking for.

shopfront ecommerce offers a distributor collaboration

Distributor Collaboration

With Shopfront, you can collaboratively work with our distributors to order the products that match your customized supply chain optimization plan.

shopfront ecommerce offers 24/7 service and support

24/7 Service

Need help shopping? Assistance is never far away when using Shopfront. Our support line is always ready to help.

shopfront ecommerce allows for continuous improvement of sales

Continuous Improvement

We’re constantly updating our e-commerce platform. Our latest additions include a cost calculator and cross reference tools to make ordering easier.