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sustainable supply chain management

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

In everything that we do, our goal is to promote environmental stewardship through sustainable supply chain management. If you're looking for assistance with green procurement, optimizing your facility, or achieving LEED certification, you've come to the right place.
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A Culture of Personal Responsibility

Environmental stewardship is not only preached at AFFLINK, it is also practiced. To achieve this standard we have taken the following steps to lessen our impact on the environment:

implement corporate recycling

Instituted a corporate recycling program

encourage ride-sharing commuters

Established preferred parking for ride-sharing commuters


Replaced all cleaning products with sustainable alternatives

encourage bicyclist

Built facility showers for bicyclists

installed energy efficient lighting

Installed low mercury lamps

encourage water conservation

Implemented water and energy conservation sensors

Distributor Training and Certification

AFFLINK distributors undergo yearly training to stay up to date on all new sustainable supply chain management trends. Through our proprietary education, certification, and marketing program, Sustainable Choices™, they are tested and certified to speak with authority on key sustainability issues such as corporate wellness, improved image, and life cycle cost reduction.

Armed with the latest tools and technologies, our distributors are able to perform an extensive analysis of your facility to uncover cost savings while providing alternative green procurement solutions.  We also have CIMS-GB and LEED Accredited Professionals on staff to help you navigate the carbon footprint reduction process and achieve LEED certification for your new or aging building.

Eco-Friendly Products and Services

Harnessing the power of our national brand partners, we are able to deliver green procurement solutions to facilities across the country through our local distributors. Here's a look at the green products we offer:
Green cleaning tools and equipment
Cleaning tools and equipment
green maintenance chemicals
Maintenance chemicals
green dispensing systems
Dispensing systems
green commericial and industrial packaging solutions
Industrial packaging solutions
eco friendly safety equipment and supplies
Safety equipment and supplies
green carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment
Carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment
green floor maintenance products
Floor maintenance products
eco friendly power equipment
Power equipment
office supplies notepads
Paper and disposables
Eco Friendly MRO supply chain safety supplies
MRO supplies
eco friendly Foodservice disposables packaging supplies
Foodservice disposables
Reduction and recycling programs
Reduction and recycling programs
LEED advising and marketing solutions
LEED advising and marketing solutions