commercial supply chain optimization

Commercial Supply Chain Management

At AFFLINK, we understand the uphill battle you're facing. From increasing competition to limited budgets, it's difficult to stay ahead of customer expectations. That's why we offer more than commercial building supplies and approach your supply chain comprehensively for real bottom line results.
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Achieve More with the Right Supply Chain Strategy
Increase productivity

Increase Productivity

Doing twice the amount of work in half the time sounds like a fairytale but when you take AFFLINK'S strategic approach to procurement, that's exactly what you receive.

go green

Go Green

Whether your sustainability goals include waste reduction, safer cleaning products, or energy conservation, our experts can help you develop an action plan for success.

cut cost

Cut Costs

Ordering the materials necessary to run your business can cut into profitability. Improve your bottom line with an AFFLINK supply chain overhaul.


Promote Health Objectives

Achieving a healthy and safe workplace doesn't end at hand washing. Go above and beyond the status quo with the right commercial building supplies.

"AFFLINK's Shopfront platform allowed us to centralize all ordering and billing for our commercial building supplies, enabling us to reach full supply chain optimization."
Frantz Building Services

Meet Our Commercial Expert

director of commercial at AFFLINK

Robert Dunn, Director of Commercial

Robert helps organizations standardize and streamline their entire process by always referring to the “how” and “why” they do business today while identifying best practices after inputing this data into the ELEVATE software. By truly listening to the needs and pain points of the client, Robert has had great success in driving efficiencies into clients’ supply chain and securing new Commercial Strategic Accounts such as Frantz Building Services, PCSI, and Willis Tower.

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