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Zodiac Aerospace

Leading manufacturer Zodiac Aerospace was on the hunt for supply chain savings but with over 100 offices, it seemed like an impossible task. But with AFFLINK's procurement tool ELEVATE Zodiac lowered expenses by 17%. Keep reading to find out how.





Zodiac Aerospace, based in France and with locations throughout the United States,is considered one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aerospace equipment and systems used on commercial, regional, and business aircraft as well as helicopters.They are also regarded as one of the leaders in aviation technology first working with hot air balloons in the early part of the 1900s and going on to invent the concept for the first airships or dirigibles.

Today the company works with clients all over the world and employs more than 30,000 people located in 100 offices from North America to Africa and from China to Brazil. As you can imagine, a vast quantity of supplies ranging from restroom cleaning products—hand towels and other paper products, cleaning tools and equipment, and liners—to packaging materials are needed to support the company’s many locations and employees.


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Managing and purchasing this array of products can be a monumental task and if administrators are not careful, costs can go through the roof. To help manage and even lower their supply chain costs, Zodiac Aerospace – Cabin and Structures turned to AFFLINK, a global leader in supply chain management, and their web-based technology, the ELEVATE software. The ELEVATE tool is designed to give clients the ability to manage, evaluate, and improve their strategic sourcing initiatives.

“The ELEVATE system uncovers hidden purchasing opportunities,” explains Michael Wilson, VP of Marketing & Communications explains. “It also analyzes supply chain decisions and purchases which is how Zodiac Aerospace and other users of the system are able to better manage supplies and lower costs.”


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With the ELEVATE process, Zodiac Aerospace – Cabin and Structures has reported a 17 percent savings across 14 of their North American manufacturing locations amounting to more than $634,900.00 in supply chain savings. “What is even more amazing about this is they were able to accomplish this in just seven months,” adds Waldrop. “It’s because of this that AFFLINK has been recently honored with awards for ‘supply chain excellence’ from organizations in the distribution and supply chain industry.”


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