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Product Packaging Supplies: How to find the right protective packaging

Michael Wilson | Sep 18, 2014

Product packaging supplies are critical for companies that care about the condition of their products and want to ensure that their customers receive them in good condition. If ...

product packaging

Product packaging supplies are critical for companies that care about the condition of their products and want to ensure that their customers receive them in good condition. If you are looking for the right product packaging supplies, there are a few common options available. Here are five of the most common choices for product packaging supplies:

1. Molded Foam Systems

These tools are ideal for protecting sensitive goods by holding them in place. A mold of foam is created around the product inside of the box, which allows the product to hold steady even while it is in transport. Foam systems are great for awkwardly-shaped products that need to be protected.

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2. Foam Packing Peanuts

These options are ideal for companies looking for a simple, cost-efficient solution to protective packing. Initially, packing peanuts would have to be thrown away, contributing to landfill waste. In order to improve sustainability, manufacturers of these packing supplies started using recyclable materials that could be processed for reuse, which made them less harmful to the environment.

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3. Bubble Wrap

Plastic bubble wrap is another one of the most common forms of product packaging supplies available. Bubble wrap is flexible and can come in sheets of various sizes, meaning it can cover all sorts of products, from large to small. Like foam peanuts, there was initially some concern over the sustainability of bubble wrap. However, manufacturers were able to come up with inventive ways to make bubble wrap more environmentally-friendly; some companies are now making bubble wrap that cannot be popped, which may be less fun but has a positive impact on sustainability.

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4. Biodegradable Twine

Twine is frequently used to tie packaging together and keep the products inside safe during shipping. Unfortunately, some forms of synthetic twine are not very environmentally friendly. New biodegradable twine, like the type being used by many UPS store locations, does not contribute to landfill waste since it breaks down naturally in the environment.

5. Fanfold

Fanfold is a kind of corrugated board that can be folded into segments of different sizes. These products are ideal for a business that needs a customizable form of protective packing that can be altered depending on product or shipment sizes. Some fanfold strips also come with adhesive that can be added directly on each sheet. Many manufacturers create fanfold that is totally recyclable, which allows businesses to use these products without creating an excessive amount of waste.

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For companies that are looking to choose the right protective packaging, research is imperative. The challenge in selecting protective packaging is threefold: responsible companies must decide which forms of packaging are most protective, which ones are cost-effective, and which ones will do the least amount of harm to the environment. The order of these priorities will vary depending on your company’s beliefs and goals. Whichever kind of attributes you value most in your product packaging supplies, learning about your options can help you when it comes time to decide how to protect the valuable goods that you send to your customers.

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