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sustainable-cleaningCleaning has always been an important concept in professional environments. Whether a company decides to outsource their cleaning needs or handles it in-house, it is still a consideration that businesses need to stay mindful of if they want to promote a healthy environment and prevent workers from falling ill. In recent years, creating a sustainable cleaning program has become even more important as companies move to minimize their environmental footprint and reduce the amount of resources they consume and waste they put out.

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What Is Sustainable Cleaning?

For a company that is unfamiliar with the idea of a sustainable cleaning program, it may be difficult to understand exactly what this kind of policy entails. A cleaning program that emphasizes sustainability requires success in three key areas:

  • Purchasing the right cleaning supplies: Think about the amount of environmental toxins that may be found in your cleaning supplies. When these supplies are disposed of, they may cause harm to the environment. According to the EPA, the ingredients found in some cleaning products can have a negative impact on both aquatic wildlife and the quality of the water supply
  • Employee education: Do your employees know how to use cleaning supplies in a way that does not cause excessive waste? If not, you may think about creating a new company policy that addresses this area or sending out an email to remind your team of best practices as they relate to cleaning supplies.
  • Choosing the right supplier: A supplier that uses green operating methods will be able to help you enhance the sustainability of your cleaning program. For example, a supplier that focuses on using green vehicles to transport their supplies may have less of a negative impact on the environment than a supplier that uses standard commercial vehicles for transportation

Successfully addressing these three issues will help you create a sustainable cleaning program in your office that helps you get the most out of your resources.

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The Benefits Of A Sustainable Cleaning Program

One of the biggest benefits that companies engaging in sustainable cleaning programs will enjoy is the ability to save money on their cleaning purchases, which makes a company leaner and helps them maximize profit. Beyond the fiscal gain, however, companies that are concerned with their environmental responsibility get the benefit of knowing that they are making a positive contribution to their world through the way that they purchase and use cleaning supplies in their office. For larger companies or businesses that take pride in lowering their environmental impact, this benefit can be larger than the financial perks of a cleaning program that is sustainable.

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Take a close look at your company’s current cleaning policies and determine the areas in which you can make your program more sustainable. After carefully weighing the relative costs and benefits of engaging in this kind of cleaning program, it should be easier for you to find some ways that you can lower your costs and improve your environmental footprint by doing less harm to the world around you.

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