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4 Ways to Achieve a Holistic Approach to Sustainable Packaging

Michael Wilson | Jan 12, 2015

Sustainable packaging is always a concern for companies that are looking to use environmentally friendly products. Taking a holistic approach to sustainable packaging means that ...


Sustainable packaging is always a concern for companies that are looking to use environmentally friendly products. Taking a holistic approach to sustainable packaging means that your business considers the full extent of the consequences of the packaging that you use, from the way that it is produced, used, and eventually disposed of when it is no longer needed.

If your organization is looking to take a more holistic approach to sustainable packaging, there are a few things that you can do to achieve this goal. Here are 4 of the most important steps that you should take for a more holistic approach to your packaging.

1. Consider Your Sources

Where do you purchase the packaging materials that you use in shipping and production? Having a strong understanding of the type of company that you purchase things from is important for a holistic approach to packaging, since it takes into account the beginning of the packaging’s life cycle and helps you ensure that it is produced in a way that is as sustainable as possible. Different kinds of packaging sources use different production techniques; the right sources are the ones that use an acceptable amount of eco-friendly practices when they make their packaging and source the raw materials used in the process.

2. Evaluate Your Packaging Applications

One of the main reasons that sustainable packaging is valuable is that it tends to use less packaging material. However, you can make your use of it more sustainable by simply taking a look at the way that you use packaging and ensuring that you only use what is necessary. Using less material is an important benefit of making the switch to sustainable packaging, since the less material that is used the more resources are conserved and the less goes into landfills.

3. Create Policies to Give Back to the Environment

Whatever kind of packaging materials your company uses, it is important that you do your part to help sustain the raw natural resources that are used to create these materials. Paper companies and other businesses that create products heavy on the use of woods provide a good model of this by agreeing to plant new trees in the places where they most frequently harvest trees to use in their production.

In a similar way, your business should be implementing policies that help you contribute to the natural environment. Not only will this improve your reputation as a business, it may also save money by creating more resources for you to use for your packaging.

4. Improve Your Waste Management

The final part of the lifecycle of your sustainable packaging is how it is disposed of. If possible, you should be using disposal methods that allow as much material to be conserved and reused as possible. If the material cannot be reused, it is important that you attempt to dispose of it in a way that gives it a good shot at degrading safely into the environment without causing any problems for plant or animal life.

A holistic approach to sustainable packaging means that you do not just use your packaging and forget about it. Instead, a holistic approach requires that you consider how you can make all aspects of your use and disposal of sustainable packaging less harmful to the natural environment. The good news for many companies is that taking a holistic approach to packaging often results in cutting down on overhead, improving your reputation, and making customers more likely to continue to buy the products that your company offers.

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