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AFFLINK: Organization Offers Free Service for Building Owners and Managers

TUSCALOOSA, AL - August 6, 2015 - AFFLINK, a leading sales and marketing organization for the professional cleaning, hotel, hospitality, and building management industries, has just released its new ELEVATE process, a free service for building owners and managers to uncover business goals and objectives, gain product insight, help predict outcomes, and optimize their procurement and supply chain processes.

The web-based technology asks users a series of questions taking less than 30 minutes to complete. These questions cover a variety of subjects including:

  • The type of image a facility wants to present to visitors and staff.
  • The role of green cleaning and sustainability and why they are important to the facility.
  • The steps a business or facility has taken to protect employee health.
  • Efforts in place to reduce supply costs.

"This is a very unique service and one reason it is so unique is that it asks users a number of 'why' questions," said Leah Waldrop, marketing manager for AFFLINK's ELEVATE systems. "Answering the 'whys' helps an organization better understand what its true goals and focus are."

As an example of this, Waldrop says one of the issues the ELEVATE process narrows in on is sustainability. While most organizations are becoming more focused on sustainability issues, "why they are doing so is not always clear," Waldrop said.

"Is it due to regulatory and compliance mandates or social and environmental responsibility, or some other reason? Understanding the 'why' provides much greater clarity and allows organizations to make more sound, strategic decisions."

Altogether, the ELEVATE process asks the user questions on five different issues that most organizations must grapple with and helps them better understand which are most important to them and why.  These are:

  • Enhancing corporate image
  • Satisfying sustainability objectives
  • Promoting a healthy workplace
  • Increasing worker productivity
  • Reducing overall operating costs

"We wanted to make this an easy and free service because building owners and managers often do not investigate these issues either due to lack of time or costs related to hiring consultants," Waldrop said. "As users complete the process, the results are visible to the user and the service reports the unique priorities for each facility."

AFFLINK provides an array of comprehensive sales and marketing solutions to more than 300 distributors and 250 supplier organizations in key segments across various channels. Fostering connectivity among distributors, manufacturers, and end-use customers, AFFLINK serves to develop the tools and technologies necessary for its business partners to obtain a competitive advantage in today's global marketplace. For more information, visit www.afflink.com.


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