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elevate software a new way to optimize your supply chain

ELEVATE: A New Way to Save

ELEVATE is a free consulting software designed to help today's procurement executives better manage their supply chain. Revolutionizing strategic sourcing in the B2B world, ELEVATE is the only knowledge portal that exists today offering clients customized product process and supply chain savings.

Introducing the ELEVATE Process

As a precursor to our 5-step strategic approach to optimization, we have developed a free 30-minute consulting software called ELEVATE. The ELEVATE software is the only tool of its kind and will help you kick start your supply chain optimization by guiding you through a brief, initial analysis to determine exactly which business priorities are most important to your facility.

This revolutionary software then guides you on a virtual tour of your facility, room-by-room to view numerous procurement solutions that align with your goals and objectives. Once completed, you will receive a snapshot summary of savings opportunities as well as a preferred product list for peak strategic sourcing. Ultimately, you'll want to request a consultation with one of our experts to conduct a comprehensive on-site supply chain analysis. 

"Through ELEVATE's supply chain analysis, we identified $634,900 in cost-savings and implemented new products, processes, and programs across our 14 locations. That's a total of 17% in just seven months."
Zodiac Aerospace

There's No Such Thing As a Soft Cost

The ELEVATE process takes an analytical look at your business intelligence, current processes, and corporate needs and objectives. From that, we embark on our proprietary 5-step procedure to uncover never before seen opportunities that drive inefficiencies and costs out of your system. 

client discovery

Client Discovery

ELEVATE uncovers the needs of your business including decreasing total cost, health and hygiene, corporate image, productivity, and sustainability. 

supply chain site needs analysis

Site Needs Analysis

By observing and documenting the products you're currently using, ELEVATE recommends solutions based on your specific business objectives.

evaluate your current supply chain

Supply Chain Analysis

A thorough analysis of your procurement processes, from purchasing to warehousing, helps identify efficiencies and areas of waste in your supply chain. 

workloading analysis

Workloading Analysis

Labor represents 70% of a business' annual maintenance budget. This analysis takes a snapshot of your current labor deployment and identifies efficiency opportunities.

explore supply chain solutions

Solution Selection

Choose from a recommended set of solutions based on your needs and the quantitative impact it has on your business.


Uncover Hidden Cost Savings Today

Experience for yourself how ELEVATE is helping businesses save nearly 30% in annual supply chain expenses.